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The Unwritten rules finally written down


These rules originate from the UAWELDERS Facebook page directly from Union Brothers.


  • You are a guest in another local, act as a guest in someone's house.


  • Don’t involve yourself in another local’s politics or drama.


  • Work, do a good job and keep your mouth shut.


  • Don’t battle for a foreman/GF job when there are are locals who are fully capable and willing.


  • When in Rome…..Do as the Romans do.


  • Always play check pool. Always donate when the hat comes around.


  • Never bitch about the dues….you can always take your ass home.


  • Don’t slob the knob.


  • If they start laying off local hands that took a dispatch with your same classification, it’s time to go.


  • Don’t bring personal tools on the job unless the contract has a tool list that the members must provide.


  • Show up everyday on time and do your job.

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